Garuda USA

Information technology consultants

Garuda is a famous character in Hindu mythology, depicting speed and agility. See more references here . We chose the name Garuda USA to signify our agility, sense of purpose and the focus on resolving the inefficiencies prevalent in various client organizations that they are constantly looking to eliminate. We strive to be one of the means by which our customers accomplish their organizational excellence.

For over a decade, Garuda USA has helped its customers maximize the value of their Information Technology (IT) investments. By leveraging existing technologies, resources and information, clients have seen an increase in operational performance and productivity.

Garuda USA offers IT services unlike any other consulting and service firm. Every solution we offer is built upon sound strategy, managed efficiently and implemented effectively, providing you with sustainable IT solutions. Based on proven processes and methodologies, every solution is personalized to provide value for your organization. At every step of the way, we never lose sight of the need to achieve results for you, your employees, customers, and stakeholders. 

Explore what it is like to be taken to new destinations by Garuda USA.